Ethernet-to-cellular router protects against cyber attacks

Aug. 15, 2023
Moxa’s OnCell G4302-LTE4 router detects anomalies while facilitating communication between feeder terminal units and feeder remote terminal units.
On Cell G4302 Lte4

The OnCell G4302-LTE4 LTE cellular router from Moxa provides high-speed performance and reliable communication between feeder terminal units (FTUs) and feeder remote terminal units (FRTUs) at substations, enabling immediate detection of issues or anomalies in the system, the manufacturer said when introducing the router. It also provides protection against potential cyber threats to ensure system security, Moxa added. “FTUs remotely monitor the voltage, current, active power, and reactive power status of high-voltage lines,” Moxa explained. “Data from multiple FTUs is then acquired by FRTUs that facilitate distribution automation. However, because FTUs are often located in unmanaged areas, they can be vulnerable to cyber threats, necessitating the use of secure cellular routers to protect data communications between FRTUs and FTUs.”

The OnCell G4302’s compact size (4.92x1.82x3.94 in), dual SIM slots, Gigabit Ethernet ports, RS-232/422/485 serial port, and built-in cybersecurity features make it suitable for FTUs, Moxa said. “It helps the FTU establish secure LTE cellular connections with FRTU in power substations, detect device status, and determine the interface for connection recovery,” the company added.

“In a scalable network, FTUs are distributed across different areas,” Moxa said, pointing out that its “GuaranLink 4-tier connection check is embedded in the OnCell G4302 cellular router, offering redundancy to maximize connectivity. When data transmitted to and from FRTUs is interrupted, the OnCell G4302 provides WAN redundancy as a backup. Such redundancy makes it possible to switch between physical and cellular interfaces, effectively reducing downtime and stabilizing data communication between FTUs and the control center.”

The router is equipped with MXsecurity management software to monitor distributed devices and send alerts in case of link failure. MXsecurity keeps managers aware of various OT device statuses, ad the overall state of network communication. Notifications keep managers updated on network health, including when an FTU within the network exhibits any abnormal status or behavior.

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