Webinar Discusses the Practicalities of Extending Wi-Fi Coverage Outdoors

Dec. 8, 2023
Presented live on December 14th, this webinar grants one BICSI continuing education credit.

Many environments nowadays require seamless Wi-Fi coverage. However, network designers and installers are finding it difficult to ensure reliable coverage and performance with outdoor deployments Wi-Fi access points and other components.

Some of these challenges include cable runs being longer, equipment needing to be protected from various elements, and previous equipment mounting methods becoming unable to meet maintenance, code, performance, and aesthetics demands.

As Wi-Fi technology evolves network designers are working to meet the demands for coverage, everywhere. The updated Wi-Fi technology provides optimum access point performance, but still faces the issues of physical deployment that were non-existent in previous network designs.

The webinar will outline the Wi-Fi challenges in our current environment and provide solutions for supplying high-performance Wi-Fi outdoors and in public areas. Register for the webinar here.

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