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Ultra 6 connectivity products from The Siemon Company have been independently (ITS/ETL Semko) tested to guarantee channel margin that exceeds Category 6 specifications-up to 300 MHz

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Gigabit Ethernet connecting hardware
Ultra 6 connectivity products from The Siemon Company have been independently (ITS/ETL Semko) tested to guarantee channel margin that exceeds Category 6 specifications-up to 300 MHz. Ultra 6 components are designed to deliver performance needed for mission-critical applications, and enough margin and bandwidth to support multigigabit applications of the future. Ultra 6 products include Ultra MAX jacks, HD patch panels, S210 connecting blocks, and MC patch cords. A 20-year warranty covers worst-case performance, installation, and applications.

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Furniture faceplates with ID windows
Designed to ease frequent moves, adds, and changes while allowing access to connectors without having to remove the modular furniture channel cover, Leviton Voice & Data's QuickPort modular furniture faceplates feature workstation identification windows and a labeling kit. Faceplates come in 2- and 4-port versions to fit standard, extended-depth and other types of modular furniture, and can be loaded to support a variety of copper and fiber applications in open office environments. QuickPort faceplates are designed to fit all major modular furniture brands, and are available in ivory, white, gray, and black.

Go shopping with more vehicles
Beyond its traditional print format, AMP Netconnect cabling products are now available on CD-ROM or through its Web site ( The Product Finder area of the Web site is designed to provide you with quick access to current product and system information. You can search for product needs or download individual sections of the product catalog. The Web site also contains links to instruction sheets, schematics, and white papers. The CD-ROM version, meanwhile, is designed to let you view the catalog in Acrobat format, with links available to additional information via offline Web browsing. A Quick Reference Product Guide, available in desktop or poster format, provides a summary of the company's best-selling cabling products and their part numbers.

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Cat 6 with an eye to the future
Genesis Cable Systems' CatLink 6 Plus cable is designed not only for today's Category 6 applications, but also for super-fast broadband applications in the future. With the capability to deliver 10 billion bits per second, CatLink 6 Plus has been designed to exceed the current TIA/EIA Category 6 useable bandwidth requirement of 250 MHz. The company claims it has tested the cable to a useable bandwidth of 500 MHz, targeting it to users who want to assure added headroom for tomorrow's broadband traffic. CatLink 6 Plus contains a dielectric spacer, a ripcord, and sequential markings. It's UL-listed for general purpose, riser or plenum use.

Polishing films for optical-fiber connectors
Diamond polishing films for optical-fiber connectors and ferrules, recently introduced by SENKO Advanced Components, are designed with consistent particle deposition with surface textures and particle density for longer life and high performance. The diamond film series, combined with the existing FOS line of final polishing film, are designed to provide solutions for the total polishing process-from epoxy removal to the final cleaning. Standard and custom film sizes are available.

Any way you tie it
Micro Plastics Inc. has added push-mount and screw-mount designs to its line of cable ties. The push-mount tie presses into a pre-drilled hole for secure, one-piece harness tying and mounting. The screw-mount tie is designed to securely mount a wiring harness to panels or walls with a single screw. In addition, the company has added four new sizes to its standard line of cable ties-all designed with Nylon 6/6 material that is inert to fungus or mold, and is resistant to oil, grease, and alkali. Installation tools and mounting hardware accessories are also available.

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Wheeling in OSP optical-fiber cable
For customer-owned outside plant installations, General Machine Products' "bicycle wheel" sheave and shackle features a lightweight design. Sheaves are available in three sizes-10-inch, 24-inch, and 32-inch-to accommodate the bend radius of most sizes of optical-fiber cable. Because sheave and shackle assemblies are used to feed cable out of and into manholes during cable-pulling operations, the wheel's split-sheave design lets larger sheaves fit through smaller manhole openings. Extruded alu-minum replaces steel wherever practical, with the new components weighing about half as much as all-steel counterparts, for easier cable pulling. Underground and aerial shackles are available.

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Tester for low-frequency transmission parameters
The LF-2000 high-speed measurement system from DCM Industries is designed for testing low-frequency transmission parameters of twisted-pair communication cables. Measurement parameters include: mutual capacitance, capacitance unbalance to ground, pair-to-pair capacitance unbalance, conductor resistance, resistance unbalance, and inductance. Up to four cable pairs can be automatically scanned and measured, with the results normalized for length and temperature, and compared against pre-programmed cable specifications. System software is designed to measure cable length, conductor diameter, insulation type, and specification.

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Mission-critical data center UPS
Designed to meet the demands of 24/7 business needs and mission-critical data applications, Hewlett-Packard's HP UPS R12000 XR features a modular "N+x" parallel redundant architecture, which lets customers adapt the UPS to growing power requirements and keeps systems powered and protected against outages. The UPS incorporates a patented "wireless paralleling" technology designed to eliminate system-level single point-of-failure. Both the logic and the electronics are housed in the 3KVA module, not in the enclosure as is the case with comparable devices.

By the Book
Extending the wired landscape
John Wiley & Sons ( has published Wireless Local Area Networks: The New Wireless Revolution ($59.95), which explores how to extend the wired LAN to support wireless connectivity. Chapters include security issues, Bluetooth, ultra-wideband wireless, and key standards. The book also looks at current limitations of wireless LANs in the corporate environment, arguing that to be successful, wireless LANs must satisfy the needs of network managers who are looking for security, manageability, and interoperability, while end users will be looking for simplicity and seamless mobility.
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