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May 1, 2016

Cambridge tailors healthcare environmental sound masking for patient privacy

The new Qt Patient Privacy System from Cambridge Sound Management (Waltham, MA) uses the company’s direct-field sound masking technology to protect patient and staff speech privacy in medical office waiting areas, exam rooms, and pharmacies. The system is installed by Cambridge Sound Management’s extensive network of certified sound masking specialists.

The all-in-one privacy solution consists of a control module, two lighted privacy status signs, and a series of barely visible direct-field sound masking emitters that can be installed in any ceiling type. The control module is easily installed behind a reception desk or in a back office. The system’s lighted privacy signs inform patients and staff that their conversations are protected.

According to Cambridge Sound: “The Qt Patient Privacy System helps protect patient privacy by making conversations in healthcare environments less intelligible to unintended listeners. Often overlooked in healthcare design is the lack of speech privacy in reception areas where private conversations can be easily overheard. Furthermore, many patient exam rooms often don’t provide adequate speech privacy due to a lack of sound blocking building material. With an increased focus on patient quality of care and achieving HIPAA privacy regulations, the Qt Patient Privacy System is an affordable solution to solve an important problem.”

“Our healthcare customers and designers have been asking for a simplified speech protection system that could be easily deployed in open reception areas to protect sensitive conversations between patients and staff,” explains Christopher Calisi, CEO of Cambridge Sound Management. “Helping medical staff and facility managers meet HIPAA privacy rules - while simultaneously improving the overall patient experience - was the core driver behind this exciting product.” t

Side-cutting pliers also strip, crimp

Klein Tools has combined several major functions of side-cutting pliers into a single tool geared to electricians. Klein’s Journeyman High-Leverage Side-Cutting Pliers with Wire Stripper/Crimper is a multi-tool that cuts and strips 10- to 12-AWG solid and 12- to 14-AWG stranded wire; it also crimps non-insulated connectors, lugs and terminals.

David Klein, associate director of product management at Klein Tools, said, “We know electricians often use their Kleins to strip wire. So we incorporated striping holes into the cutting jaw to make the task more efficient. That added function saves time on the jobsite and means fewer tools needed in the tool bag.”

Other features of the 9-inch multi-functional side-cutting pliers include a high-leverage design for increased cutting and gripping power; cross-hatched knurled jaws for sure gripping; induction-hardened cutting knives; crimping die positioned behind hinge for significant leverage; hot-riveted joint, ensuring smooth action without handle wobble; dual-material handles for a comfortable grip. t

Nokia introduces POL system

In its recent analysis of the passive optical LAN (POL) marketplace, market-intelligence firm BSRIA stated that uptake of the technology would be bolstered by the entrance of a big-name player. It looks like the market now has that big-name entrant.

Nokia announced on April 5 that it offers a passive optical LAN system. “Based on proven and established Gigabit Passive Optical Network [GPON] fiber technology that is already serving millions of people worldwide, the solution requires, on average, 50 percent less space to deploy and power to run than traditional Ethernet-based LANs,” the company said when making the announcement. “Delivering virtually unlimited data capacity, it is also capable of supporting all video, voice and data requirements over a single fiber-optic cable.” It added that it is targeting customers including operators, enterprises, governments, healthcare and hospitality providers, as well as higher-education institutions, “all of which are seeking a more-cost-effective way to deploy their local area networks.”

Nokia pointed to its recent success deploying passive optical LAN systems for the Japanese hospitality industry, where it teamed with systems integrator KDDI “to manage the growing communication demands” in that country. “To better serve customers around the world, Nokia is collaborating on the launch with global systems integrators, resellers and distributors including IBM and KDDI.”

Key components of the Nokia passive optical LAN system are the following GPON elements.

  • 7360 ISAM FX high-capacity fiber platform
  • 7368 ISAM ONT fiber termination points
  • 5571 POL command center (PCC) intuitive management system

“New solutions for enterprise LAN are needed due to growing capacity needs, management complexity, network maintenance and high upgrade costs,” said Federico Guillen, president of Nokia’s fixed networks business group. “Passive optical LAN provides a viable, simple and cost-effective alternative, and will accommodate the evolving connectivity needs of organizations today and in the future.”

Erik Keith, principal analyst for broadband networks and multiplay services at Current Analysis, stated, “We’ve seen interest in POL increase dramatically over the past few years as enterprises around the world have come to realize the substantial service delivery and operational efficiency advantages that POL architectures provide over Ethernet-based LANs. We expect to see accelerated momentum in the POL space as Nokia and other major vendors enter the market and provide compelling, future-proof alternatives to the existing Ethernet LAN model.”

As part of its POL system launch, Nokia published a document titled “Build a LAN that exceeds expectations.” Within that article the company explained, “Our passive optical LAN solutions … allow businesses, governments, hospitals, hotels, real estate developers, and universities to reduce costs by deploying one simple network; add capacity to boost business performance; improve mobile connectivity for all users.” t

Madison Electric acquires telecom conduit body manufacturer Smart Pathways LLC

Madison Electric Products recently announced it has acquired Smart Pathways LLC, which manufactures and distributes the Smart LB brand of telecom conduit bodies. Madison said Smart Pathways LLC is the second company it has acquired through its crowdsourced product development platform, the Sparks Innovation Center.

“Conduit bodies have long been part of the installers’ toolbox, but Smart Pathways offers a more-advanced solution that solves numerous problems they face on a daily basis,” Madison Electric Products said when making the announcement. “Designed by Ken Bing, managing member of Willow Rest LLC, who drew from his experience as a contractor in both the electrical and data communication areas, the Smart LB conduit body has a built-in elbow that helps prevent cables from getting caught or damaged when they’re pulled around corners. Unlike traditional LBs that have a sharp 90-degree corner, this helps save time and labor during installation.”

Brad Wiandt, president of Madison Electric Products, commented, “We recognize the long-term potential and opportunity in the data communication industry. Smart LB conduit bodies complement the existing products we promote in that segment, positioning Madison to establish a much greater presence in this new and growing market.”

The existing Smart Pathways product portfolio includes six different SKUs, all of which Madison plans to continue manufacturing after the acquisition is complete. Madison said it will continue to work closely with Bing to determine the best way to take the concept further into the market in the future.

“Madison is the ideal partner to take Smart LB to the next level,” said Bing. “I look forward to working with their team to really maximize the potential and reach of our product line.”

Wiandt added, “Smart Pathways is exactly the type of partner we look to work with at Madison. Their vision to revolutionize installation practices underscores our ongoing commitment to innovation and pushing the electrical and data communication industries forward. Further, this acquisition reinforces the success and potential of our Sparks Innovation Center.” t

Sumitomo Electric unveils coupled multi-core optical fiber suitable for ultra-long-haul transmission

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has developed a new type of coupled multi-core optical fiber suitable for ultra-long-haul transmission, which the company says has set new records for low attenuation and low spatial mode dispersion in optical fibers for space division multiplexing.

The company maintains that data network traffic in long-haul transmission systems is growing due to the widespread use of smartphones, data centers, and other applications; and that transmission capacity has been improved with the use of low-loss singlemode fibers. At the same time, to realize such drastic improvements in capacity, space-division multiplexing (SDM) has been intensively studied, and multi-core fiber (MCF) is expected as a next-generation optical fiber that can realize ultra-high-capacity transmission systems.

For its part, Sumitomo Electric has now developed a coupled-core MCF (CC-MCF) including 4 pure-silica cores in the standard 125-μm cladding. The developed fiber has achieved attenuation of 0.158 dB/km at the wavelength of 1550 nm and spatial mode dispersion (SMD) of 6.1 ps/√km in the wavelength from 1520 to 1580 nm, both of which are the lowest ever reported in optical fibers for space division multiplexing, contends the company.

The new product’s ultra-low attenuation - approaching that of the commercial ultra-low-loss singlemode fiber (SMF) - enables signal transmission with lower noises than previously reported SDM fibers, and is expected to realize the spatial channel count increase without per-channel capacity degradation. Sumitomo maintains that the SMD of 6.1 ps/√km is one fifth the lowest SMD of previously reported SDM fibers, and thus can reduce the calculation complexity of multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) digital signal processing (DSP) for crosstalk compensation.

Further, the company says the developed CC-MCF with the standard 125-μm-diameter cladding can be cabled with existing cable designs for standard optical fibers, and is expected to have high mechanical reliability equivalent to that of standard optical fiber. t

Graybar extends customer service hours

Graybar recently announced that it is offering extended customer service hours nationwide, via the distributor’s newly centralized National Customer Service Team in St. Louis.

According to a Graybar press release, “the National Customer Service Team can help customers place orders, check order status, obtain proof of delivery, pricing and product availability before and after the traditional business hours of Graybar’s more than 260 branches nationwide.”

Support though the National Customer Service Team is available Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. CDT and Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., by calling 1-800-GRAYBAR (1-800-472-9227). Customers can continue to call their local branches for service during regular business hours.

“Graybar’s primary goal is to make it easier for our customers to do business and complete their projects,” comments Scott Clifford, Graybar’s senior vice president, supply chain management. “Extending the breadth and depth of our customer service program nationwide demonstrates our ongoing commitment to working to our customers’ advantage.” t

Home security hub integrates sensor, wearable devices for personal safety, fall detection

Nortek Security & Control LLC, a specialist in security, smart home and wellness technology, has introduced the Numera Home Safety Hub, a next-generation PERS [Personal Emergency Response Systems]. The hybrid hub combines information from sensing devices such as CO and smoke detectors, and glass-break, motion and window/door sensors with alerts from wireless personal emergency sensors in a single PERS console for seniors or others needing support while living alone.

“The Numera Home Safety Hub communicates with the array of 2GIG sensors and creates a self-designated safety ecosystem that delivers user and environmental data to their care team,” said a Nortek press release for the product.

The release added: “The Numera Home Safety Hub’s integration with connected wireless security sensors represents an evolution of personal safety technology in the home. With complementary lightweight wearables and an upgradeable ecosystem, the [hub] ensures a safer and more protected home for seniors and families. [The system] features upgradeable firmware, a range up to 1,000 feet, customizable ‘night-time,’ ‘do-not disturb’ and personalized activity windows, along with full compatibility with personal safety and 2GIG home sensors. The hub is easily installed and set up, reducing field time, complexity and cost.”

Also according to Nortek, “via the system’s Personal Help Button, assistance is just a discreet button push away, and with remote alerts of a potential fire or fall in the home, help is summoned even when the user cannot react. Creating interoperability between the smart home and personal safety devices provides caregivers with notifications of events that require their involvement, including a smoke alarm, detection of a potential fall or prolonged inactivity during a certain period of time. It also enables activity control when used with door and motion sensors, where caregivers could receive an alert if the door is opened and motion detected at a time that would be cause for concern such as late at night or during unsafe weather conditions.”

“Creating the ability for communication between our personal safety device and home and security sensors gives caregivers more complete ways to ensure the well-being of their loved ones,” says Tim Smokoff, group vice president health and wellness, Nortek Security & Control. “With this new hub and access to more information about their environment, users and their care teams can rest easier and feel more comfortable about their loved ones dealing with chronic illness or aging-in-place.” t

Panduit’s plenum-rated surface mount boxes gain UL 2043 certification

Panduit Corporation recently announced that a family of its surface mount boxes has received UL 2043 certification, allowing the boxes to be used to route connectivity in air-handling spaces.

“Equipment such as wireless access points, security cameras, safety systems, intelligent lighting, and audio/video components are frequently installed in the ceiling and require a plenum-rated connectivity solution,” the company said. “The Panduit Mini-Com surface mount boxes join other Panduit plenum-rated components-RJ45 jacks, cords, and horizontal cabling, as well as hook-and-loop cable ties and J hooks-to deliver a complete connectivity solution for plenum applications.”

Three Panduit surface mount boxes carry the plenum certification: a one-port box and two different two-port boxes. All three accept Panduit Mini-Com brand modules. UL 2043, Panduit explained, is awarded to products that have passed testing to prove the products help to limit the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire. The solution is also compliant with the latest Power over Ethernet standards, the company noted.

Dennis Renaud, vice president of Panduit’s enterprise business, commented, “Panduit recognizes that applications like wireless and security are growing rapidly, driving the need for a connectivity solution that is certified to be used in the ceiling. This latest certification means that Panduit can provide customers with a complete plenum solution that meets the latest standards and helps protect building occupants, while also delivering the high-quality performance our customers expect from Panduit.” t

Aerohive makes Synnex exclusive distributor of WiFi portfolio to U.S., Canada

Aerohive Networks and Synnex Corporation recently jointly announced that they have entered an agreement through which Synnex has become the exclusive U.S. and Canadian distributor of Aerohive’s cloud networking and enterprise WiFi portfolio. The agreement includes the complete Aerohive portfolio of access points, routers, switches, and network management tools.

“By collaborating with Aerohive Networks, Synnex is able to help its resellers address the multitude of connected devices that are currently active on the network,” the companies’ announcement said. It cited Gartner’s projection that by 2020 more than 25 billion “things” will be Internet-connected-driving home that point that the design, deployment and support of wireless networks is growing increasingly complex. “In response to the exponential proliferation of devices, Aerohive Networks delivers a simple, secure and scalable cloud networking platform designed to enhance the user and management experience, turning the challenges of today’s highly mobile work into opportunities.”

The agreement with Aerohive is part of Synnex’s ConvergeSolv Secure Networking group, “which offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that allow resellers to deliver a true IT convergence model by building their customers’ networks, adding applications to each network and securing each network seamlessly,” the companies explained. “Synnex offers Aerohive resellers tools to help them work faster, smarter and more accurately. While Synnex offers a wide array of tools for resellers, some of its most-utilized tools are its financing programs, education experts, SMB specialists and free predictive wireless surveys. The agreement benefits a range of technology verticals, with strong implications for K-12 education. With E-Rate funding at record levels and device proliferation now above 50 percent, Aerohive Networks enables Synnex resellers to offer a wider range of wireless solutions to meet the needs of their K-12 customers.”

Synnex’s vice president for integrated communications, Reyna Thompson, commented, “Our agreement with Aerohive Networks delivers a highly efficient option for resellers to offer to their end-customers to help keep their businesses connected in dynamic environments. Through a connected platform equipped with the best in cloud networking, WiFi, and applications and insights, Aerohive Networks’ solutions allow businesses to increase productivity and efficiency to result in better customer experiences and ultimately, to fuel business growth.”

Michael O’Brien, vice president for global channels with Aerohive, added, “Aerohive has been a channel-driven company since it was founded in 2006 and channel partnerships have been critical to our growth over the years. We are excited to collaborate with Synnex in this critical segment of the IT market. By working together with Synnex, we believe we will deliver even better support to resellers to help them grow with Aerohive.” t

RCx initiates multi-source agreement for new in-rack connection standard

The RCx Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) has announced the formation of a four-member industry working group, aimed at defining and promoting adoption of a new intra-rack connection standard. The industry group will be led by RCx founding members Amphenol Corporation, Broadcom Corporation, Dell Inc., and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The proposed RCx connector and cable system is designed specifically for rack-based interconnect providing simple, low cost, low power options for 25/50/100-Gbit/sec connectivity. RCx is a passive, copper-only, modular and high-density cabling scheme for server adapters and network switches. There are three RCx configurations - RCx1, RCx2 and RCx4, providing 25-Gbit/sec (25Gx1), 50-Gbit/sec (25Gx2) and 100-Gbit/sec (25Gx4) connectivity, respectively.

According to the new consortium, the streamlined RCx MSA design eliminates the need for costly active electrical components like EEPROMs, optics, retimers, and management ICs; simplifies the electrical design of switches and adapters; and significantly reduces the cost of the overall system solution. t

Upsite Technologies debuts wireless monitoring solution

Upsite Technologies unveiled its wireless EnergyLok Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) 300 at AFCOM’s Data Center World Global Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada (March 14-18).

According to Upsite, the EnergyLok EMS 300 is a scalable wireless monitoring solution designed to track a variety of environmental conditions to help identify opportunities for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of cooling and airflow management. The latest addition to Upsite’s data center airflow management product line, it gives facility managers and data center operators an advanced tool to optimize cooling efficiency and prevent downtime in their mission critical spaces, adds the company.

The EMS 300 offers up to one-hundred and fifty wireless sensor inputs, allowing for the deployment of multiple temperature and humidity sensor configurations along with four wired digital inputs, which can be used to track open/closed doors, motion and airflow sensors, fire alarms, gas and liquid leaks, and summary alarms from critical equipment, including uninterruptible power supplies and generators. To help ease of integration into existing management systems, the EMS 300 also includes two wired relay outputs.

The introduction of the EnergyLok EMS 300 marks the first major product introduction for Upsite since launching its award-winning AisleLok Modular Containment solution.

“In addition to providing critically important real-time information on environmental conditions in the data center, the EnergyLok EMS 300 is also an essential tool for owners and operators who need to optimize their cooling systems,” comments Peter Crook, president and CEO of Upsite Technologies. “I am delighted that Upsite is debuting its newest monitoring solution and sharing our field-based research at one of the data center industry’s most influential events.” t

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