Product Focus: wireless test equipment

Six new models of the W1314A measurement receiver platform are designed to simultaneouslymeasure all wireless technologies in all RF bands in a given area.

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Receivers simultaneously measure all RF bands

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Six new models of the W1314A measurement receiver platform are designed to simultaneouslymeasure all wireless technologies in all RF bands in a given area. The receivers enable wireless RF engineering teams to effectively deploy, optimize, and troubleshoot all technologies in their own networks by quickly identifying coverage and interference problems. They simultaneously monitor multi-band and multi-technology networks by supporting up to eight frequency bands with both uplink and downlink configurations. Even in urban canyons and underground areas, the company’s integrated 50-channel high-sensitivity GPS receiver reports position and measurement data.

Analyzer detects security issues, access point problems

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The Wi-Net Window Wireless Network Analyzer (WP150) is built for testing wireless access point (WAP) and wireless equipment, and has the ability to locate and detect network securityissues, helping protect against wireless net-work damage, intrusion, and vulnerability.Specifically, the tester can identify, clarify, and configure all wireless transmission equipment on a given site. It prevents conflicts of Internetaccess over wireless points, and gives a clear picture of the range and availability of each WAP. The instrument also features a full alphanu-meric LCD display that shows all information in a concise format. Other features include the ability to identify equipment name and channel of transmission, and identify and communicate with IEEE 802.11b/g WAPs. It lists and logs all received wireless transmissions in the area with constant scanning, displays the encryption condition on each component, and lists the signal as either an access point, an ad-hoc, or twin network type.

Know where to place wireless components

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The Wi-Net Detector provides information about system components (signal strength, security, range, and availability) to help with proper placement. The lightweight device constantly scans for wireless transmission, listing and logging those it receives. It picks up all IEEE 802.11b and 11g signals. Critical information is displayed on a full alphanumeric LCD, and signal strength is displayed as a lighted bar and as percentage.

Monitor Wi-Fi client connectivity

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DOT11 Monitor 1.1 software solution lets enterprise network administrators monitor wirelessclient device connectivity, querying wireless access points for individual client device signal strength and signal-to-noise ratio.These metrics are then plotted on auser-specified time chart to show connectivity over time. The software lets you plot individual client connectivity, or client connectivity on each access point. DOT11 Monitor canalso generate histograms of client connectivity over user-specified time frames. In addition, it can be used to prove-out wireless installations, monitor for connection outages, troubleshoot RF connectivity issues, and enforce service-level agreements.

Tools to manage each phase of the network

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Managing wireless networks becomes more efficient when addressing each phase of the life cycle: pre-deployment and expansion planning, installation and verification, troubleshooting, and management and optimization. InterpretAirWLAN site survey (above) can simulate a wireless network before a single access point is purchased. By importing a map of the site and adding virtual access points, virtual walls and other features, you can build a network designed to meet performancerequirements. After deployment, walking the site with InterpretAir WLAN will verify actual wireless coverage and performance. Users can see the RF health of the network and the areas within the site that do not meet performancerequirements. Virtualization can be saved, documenting the condition of the network.

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The EtherScope Series II networkassistant and OptiView Series IIIintegrated network analyzer (above) analyze both gigabit wired and a/b/g wireless networks. These portableanalyzers discover active networks andmobile clients, and identify wirelesssecurity vulnerabilities.

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