Westell says new ClearLink DAS solves for Near-Far wireless performance issues

The company says its new ClearLink DAS addresses the Near-Far performance issue, which is inherent in conventional DAS networks.

In-building wireless specialist Westell names new SVP global sales
In-building wireless specialist Westell names new SVP global sales

Westell Technologies (NASDAQ: WSTL), a provider of in-building wireless, intelligent site management, cell site optimization, and outside plant solutions, has unveiled its ClearLink DAS, an advanced in-building distributed antenna system used to enhance high-speed cellular technologies, such as LTE, and provide outstanding coverage with superior data rates within buildings.

Westell says its ClearLink DAS is engineered to deliver exceptional system performance with unparalleled flexibility and scalability, and provides advanced features to simplify DAS commissioning and optimization. Notably, the company says its ClearLink DAS addresses the Near-Far performance issue, which is inherent in conventional DAS networks. Near-Far is a term describing performance and capacity degradation when a mobile device is operating within a DAS coverage area, but is being serviced by a distant macro cell tower.

“Traditional DAS designs are not able to mitigate the impact of DAS Near-Far,” explains Scott Goodrich, president of Westell’s In-Building Wireless Group. “If Near-Far is not addressed when designing and deploying a DAS, particularly as LTE is rolled out in PCS and other bands, both participants and non-participants will experience significantly degraded performance. Westell’s ClearLink DAS not only enhances cellular coverage within buildings, but also protects DAS owners and users from macro network interference that can seriously degrade service and capacity, or disrupt the service altogether.”

“The DAS industry needs a solution to address the service impact as a result of Near-Far,” adds Kern Davis, VP of operations and senior engineer at Communication Technology Services (CTS). “Westell’s ClearLink DAS solution is the first to address Near-Far and this performance affecting issue.” Westell says the ClearLink platform's hybrid digital and analog solution can improve Near-Far performance by better than 15 dB over a conventional analog DAS. As a “pay as you grow” DAS solution, Westell says the ClearLink platform also allows users to add additional bands and/or service providers at any time – expanding the system as requirements evolve.

The platform's flexible and scalable head-end architecture permits the combination of POIs (Point of Interface) and DAS equipment in one chassis. Westell says the ClearLink DAS also decreases opex by reducing commissioning time via its advanced auto path detection and calibration feature, which adjusts parameters in the RF and optical paths to optimize system performance. Further, the system's echo feature streamlines data entry of like parameters between common modules, further simplifying the configuration process. The system also provides individual sub-band power control in the remote, as well as alarming and user access, based on login credentials for neutral host deployments.

For more information, visit www.westell.com/ClearLinkDAS.

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