In-building wireless design software tackles capacity planning

iBwave says its Release 8 features comprehensive, accurate capacity planning for heterogeneous wireless network design.

iBwave Release 10 updates for high-density in-building wireless design
iBwave Release 10 updates for high-density in-building wireless design

iBwave Solutions recently announced the release of its latest wirelessdesign product suite, iBwave Release 8, which the company says “features the most comprehensive and accurate capacity planning capabilities on the market.” New functionality in Release 8 identifies high-traffic hotspot zones inside venues. “The latest versions of iBwave Design and iBwave WiFi are set to revolutionize the way in-building traffic and capacity are planned today,” the company proclaimed.

“The exponential growth in mobile data consumption and the end-user expectation to stay connected anywhere, anytime present a continuous challenge to system integrators and enterprise IT departments as they struggle to accurately predict and plan for traffic and capacity needs,” iBwave noted when announcing Release 8. “While traditional spreadsheet-based methods offer a basic solution, they are often inaccurate and error-prone, leading to suboptimized networks. iBwave Release 8 provides the HetNet capacity planning solutions that the industry needs as it gears up to handle the growing number of enterprise HetNet deployments. With the ability to define capacity planning requirements at both user-profile and venue levels, it is the simplest and most-accurate way to plan capacity and ensure a positive end-user experience.”

Andrew von Nagy, owner of Revolution WiFi, commented, “The addition of capacity planning, integrated with iBwave’s already powerful platform capabilities for 3D facility modeling and RF analysis, brings sophisticated user density and airtime demand modeling that is required to handle the increasing data consumption occurring on WiFi networks. iBwave WiFi provides telecommunications operators and carriers a unified RF design platform that serves the increasingly connected cellular and WiFi industries, and allows operators to leverage a single platform to design and deploy both networks in parallel.”

Benoit Fleury, vice president of product line management for iBwave, added, “Today’s enterprise success and failure depends largely on how well connected and informed its workforce is. Following extensive feedback from leading operators and integrators worldwide, iBwave has brought HetNet capacity planning to a whole new level, surpassing traditional spreadsheet methods in terms of ease and efficiency—be it for licensed, unlicensed, or a holistically integrated set of technologies.”

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