Wireless HD AV system uses white space channels instead of Wi-Fi

March 19, 2013
Utilizing vacant over-the-air broadcast frequencies known as white space channels instead of Wi-Fi, Peerless-AV's PeerAir Pico Broadcaster system distributes HD content to an unlimited number of digital TVs within a 350-foot radius.

Targeting optimal wireless media content delivery for digital signage applications, Peerless-AV has unveiled what it claims is the first wireless broadcasting system that can distribute HD content to an unlimited number of digital TVs within a 350-foot radius -- far surpassing the 150-foot signal reach and four-screen multicasting limit of existing Wi-Fi based platforms. Peerless-AV's newly launched PeerAir Pico Broadcaster system achieves this record range and scalability by utilizing vacant over-the-air broadcast frequencies known as white space channels instead of Wi-Fi, streamlining the process of deploying digital signage in large multi-screen environments.

Designed for applications utilizing the same content for multiple screens, the PeerAir Pico Broadcaster is an FCC-approved personal broadcast system that streams content over the UHF 500-700 MHz frequency to any open local white space channel left unused when the U.S. converted from analog to digital television in 2009. The laptop-sized transmitter receives content from a computer or select media players with IP transport capabilities, then broadcasts the signal at HD-quality resolutions up to 720p or 1080i to any digital TV within the designated range that is equipped with an ATSC tuner and over-the-air antenna.

Webcast: Standards for Cabling and Wireless Deployments

No additional receivers or associated power sources are needed, and a single transmitter covers any number of screens in a 350-foot radius, reducing costs and complexity. Multiple transmitters can be used to broadcast to multiple white space channels if available, providing an option to deliver different content streams to different TVs by tuning select antennas to different channels. Other advantages over Wi-Fi solutions include improved through-the-wall transmission and the ability to maintain the wireless connection even if screens are moved, eliminating IT adjustment of transmitters and receivers.

The PeerAir Pico Broadcaster includes Peerless-AV's media streaming software that converts virtually any video file - from MPG to MOV, VOB, AVI, WMV and others - into a broadcast-ready MPEG2 format. Playlists can be created by simply dragging and dropping files, then transferred at high speed over Ethernet cable to the PeerAir Pico Broadcaster unit. A Local Area Network (LAN) port on the back of the device accepts the transport stream from the computer or media player as well as enabling network and/or Internet connectivity. The Peerless-AV software allows both local and remote content management, providing flexibility that is unavailable with most wireless broadcast systems.

The PeerAir Pico Broadcaster also includes easy identification of an available white space channel in the local market. The system's web-based GUI directs users to an online database of TV white spaces that identifies available channels based on the facility's geographic location, with instructions for registration of the selected channel with the FCC. The cost of the first-year FCC license is included with the product.

The Peerless-AV PeerAir Pico Broadcaster system is available immediately to Peerless-AV dealers, distributors, integrators and installation professionals. The product was introduced at the recent Digital Signage Expo 2013 (Feb. 12-13) in Las Vegas. More information can be found here.

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