PCTEL boosts LTE testing capabilities

PCTEL's EXflex scanning receiver has been improved for TD-LTE and LTE FDD network optimization.

PCTEL, Inc. (NASDAQ: PCTI) announced the addition of Blind Scan and LTE Layer 3 features to its SeeGull EXflex scanning receiver. The new features expand the capabilities of the fully programmable EXflex scanning receiver, which is designed to test all major wireless technologies and bands from a single unit.

PCTEL says its multi-technology Blind Scan feature enhances the efficiency of network testing operations through full-band search and automatic detection of active channels. This allows field engineers to skip the time-consuming process of manually acquiring an accurate channel list and get straight to testing. The new capability is particularly valuable for in-building testing and benchmarking applications where obtaining channel information for all network operators is often problematic, says the company. Blind Scan is now available for all major network technologies covered by the EXflex scanning receiver, including LTE FDD, TD-LTE, UMTS, GSM, CDMA, EV-DO, and TD-SCDMA.

Additionally, the EXflex unit’s new Layer 3 measurements for LTE FDD and TD-LTE provide mobile operators the information required to manage and verify the network settings of their LTE networks using a single high-performance device. According to PCTEL, this capability enables mobile operators to improve network operation by reducing handover failures and validating system information about the cell, allowing operators to troubleshoot issues in the radio access network.

“Growth and performance expectations increase the pressure on wireless operators to effectively manage their spectrum. Testing and optimization efficiency are crucial to achieving Quality of Service targets,” comments David Neumann, PCTEL’s vice president and general manager. “The capability to remotely update the EXflex eliminates logistical barriers to the rapid installation of these enhancements." For more information, visit rfsolutions.pctel.com.

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