DAS head-end integrates low and high power remote units

Feb. 18, 2013
Dali Wireless has introduced its high-power DAS platform.

Dali Wireless (Palo Alto), a provider of next-generation wireless infrastructure, has introduced its high power distributed antenna system (DAS) platform, consisting of the company's "t43" remote unit and "tHost" head-end.

The t43 remote unit is available in dual and quad band versions with 20 watts output per band. The compact unit incorporates Dali’s patented digital predistortion (DPD) power amplifier technology for maximum efficiency. The tHost head-end provides eight simplex or four duplex RF interfaces for connection to the base station and six optical interfaces for data transfer to remote locations.

The head-end integrates seamlessly with Dali's t-Series line of low- and high power remote units, ensuring optimal delivery of coverage and capacity for both indoor and outdoor wireless networks.

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Dali says the t-Series DAS is especially designed to addresses capacity crunches, coverage gaps, dropped calls and RF interference, particularly in high mobile data traffic areas where seamless voice, data and video access is required. The platform is based on open standards and provides a bi-directional link between the tHost, t30 low power and the t43 high power remote over a single optical fiber.

Dali contends that its t-Series DAS solution is "truly future-proof" because "it addresses multi-operator, multi-band environments within one network and no service-specific devices are required." The company notes that its tHost head-end is linkable for expansion, reducing infrastructure cost, as additional remotes can easily be added and provisioned. The head-end supports star, daisychain and hybrid deployments.

Dali's software configurable radio (SCR) multiple carrier power amplifiers (MCPAs) simultaneously deliver high bandwidth, high linearity and power efficiency, even under difficult high peak-toaverage ratio (PAR) requirements. All t-Series DAS products have a ruggedized design with a robust protection rating and use Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) optical transceivers for maximum flexibility. The complete product line meets Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations and is safety certified to Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards.

“We have a game-changing flexible DAS network architecture [that provides for] simple installation, lower maintenance cost and seamless network upgrades or expansion," comments Albert Lee, Dali Wireless' chairman and CEO. "Patented dynamic capacity allocation enables network traffic to be directed according to user demand." For more information, visit www.daliwireless.com or contact Sarah Wielens at 604-420-7760 ext. 1205, or email [email protected].

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