TE deploys DAS on cruise ships

TE Connectivity announced that Maritime Communications Partner (MCP) is deploying its InterReach Unison wireless systems on 9 US-based cruise ships.

TE Connectivity (NYSE: TEL) announced that Maritime Communications Partner (MCP) is deploying TE’s InterReach Unison distributed antenna systems (DAS) on nine U.S.-based cruise ships to facilitate passenger and crew communications both in port and at sea.

MCP said it chose the TE DAS systems because they are easy to deploy and easy to manage through an SNMP-based network management system. “TE’s solution is manageable from end to end, which is crucial for maintaining communication services at all times. We have deployed their InterReach Unison DAS on dozens of ships, and the DAS always provides clear and consistent service throughout the vessel,” comments Kenneth Dahlsveen, purchasing manager at MCP.

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The TE InterReach Unison DAS supports 850 and 1900 MHz UMTS frequencies as well as 1800 MHz service onboard the ships. Because the InterReach Unison DAS uses thin, flexible Cat 5 cabling to connect the electronics, it is easier to install compared to other DAS platforms that use half-inch or larger coaxial cabling, claims the company.

MCP is also considering upgrading to 3G and LTE services; the modular nature of the InterReach Unison DAS will make such upgrades easier, contends TE, requiring changes only to the host unit electronics. Ease of deployment and upgrade is especially critical for cruise ships, since their available work hours are extremely limited.

“Cruise ships have been an active market for us because people expect their mobile devices to work at sea,” comments Peter Wraight, president of TE’s Wireless business unit. “Our InterReach Unison DAS solves the mobile connectivity for MCP because it is easy to deploy and provides excellent performance.”

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