Technical paper: Optimizing small cells and the HetNet

June 25, 2013
New technical paper from JDSU.

A new technical white paper from JDSU contends that "optimizing current macrocell and future heterogeneous networks [HetNets] requires a multi-dimensional approach."

The paper highlights the importance of the emerging Self-Organizing Network (SON) imperative, describing certain multi-dimensional issues associated with densification and HetNets. Current industry standardization work is touched upon; according to the company, these efforts have the goal of reducing small cell backhaul with techniques such as offload perspective, as well as local caching, video optimization, Wi-Fi integration, and various Internet offload schemes.

"The next step is densification of the network with the addition of small cells to the existing infrastructure," states the analysis. "Capacity and coverage are driving this approach, and further enhancements to the resulting HetNet should be made with the goals of cutting backhaul costs and improving the customer's quality of experience." JDSU claims that "the combination of using small cells and turning them into smart cells has a force multiplier effect on both backhaul savings and quality of experience."

View/Download the white paper.

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