Technical brief breaks down fiber-to-the-HetNet

New white paper from HetNet Forum member company Exfo examines.

The HetNet represents the point at which wireline meets wireless, merging technologies such as DAS, RRH, RRU and small cells solutions with the macrocellular network to augment wireless broadband coverage and capacity. A new white paper from HetNet Forum member Exfo reviews the fiber-optic infrastructure requirement and best practices needed to allow all the antennas for these diverse technologies to do what they are meant to do.

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Exfo contends that, with so much bandwidth and so many investment dollars at stake, it is essential to increase fiber connectivity and penetration to feed adequate bandwidth to the entire wireless infrastructure. As such, fiber-optic infrastructure requirements and best testing practices are essential to maximimizing the capabilities of the antennas.

To this end, the paper's analysis contends that proper installation of the optical physical layer and sufficient testing during construction are key to an easy-to-maintain system and high returns on investment.

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