6 key advantages to using DAS

Analyst asks: Is DAS under-hyped?

At FierceWireless, Mobile Experts LLC principal analyst Joe Madden discerns 6 key benefits that only distributed antenna systems (DAS) can offer, resulting from how many different parts of the mobile network such deployments generally touch.

Directly quoting Madden, the 6 key advantages to using DAS are as follows:

1.) DAS can include Wi-Fi.When Active DAS is used with fiber connectivity, it's possible to build a Wi-Fi AP into each remote antenna unit, or simply put a Wi-Fi AP next to each remote antenna unit.

2.) DAS is preferred by city government. When asking for city approval for construction permits, most DAS integrators are finding that cities have figured out the DAS game: They will approve your DAS system if you include their public safety systems for free.

3.) Small Cells make great signal sources for DAS. As small cells with reasonable capacity become available, we see opportunities to replace the big cabinets normally used as a signal source. Why not use a smaller, cheaper small cell instead?

4.) Small Cells can also use DAS as backhaul. Think about it: If you have a fiber distribution system, owned by somebody that has relationships with the mobile operators, why wouldn't they use that fiber to carry small cell backhaul traffic?

5.) Outdoor DAS is quicker than towers. Outdoor DAS is actually growing faster than indoor DAS in the U.S. market, because LTE roll-out needs to happen quickly and new towers are not quick.

6.) Mobile Operators are spending on DAS. Verizon will double their DAS budget between 2012 and 2014. Sprint will spend over $300 million on DAS this year. AT&T has been spending at that level for several years. The story is different in China and Europe...but in the USA, DAS is growing quickly.

Full story:Madden: DAS is under-hyped (fiercewireless.com)

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