White paper: Monitoring DAS networks

Jan. 4, 2013
Why monitoring a DAS network saves service providers money resulting from downtime.

A recent white paper from Errigal Telecommunications Solutions (San Francisco, CA) investigates at first-hand how unmonitored or under-monitored DAS networks may adversely affect the service provider. The paper purports to provide "fact-based arguments, based on Errigal’s direct contact with wireless IT officials, as to why monitoring a [DAS] network saves money resulting from downtime, and reduces subscriber churn."

"Now that active DAS nodes make up a larger and larger percentage of traffic in urban areas, they should require the same attention to network monitoring that is given to regular cell sites (BTS)," writes the paper's author, Errigal CEO Padraig Tobin. "To be sure, there are direct costs associated with DAS outages but the most compelling reason is customer churn. Carriers now compete primarily on network quality; not having coverage where you think you do causes customers to find another carrier."

"When urban areas have the majority of traffic covered by DAS nodes, the response to the question 'How many DAS nodes are down at the moment?' should never be 'I don’t know," concludes Tobin.

View and download the white paper here.

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