Fluke Networks names 7 truths of successful wireless LANs

Infographic explains critical topics including security, BYOD and interference, and takes on a couple myths in the process.

An infographic available for download from Fluke Networks lets its title say it all: “The 7 Truths of Successful Wireless LANs.” Equipped with the tagline, “Deploy, manage and secure your wireless network the right way the first time—because you can’t afford to get it wrong,” the infographic sums up seven critical wireless LAN characteristics that users must effectively deal with in order to achieve success.

The seven truths are listed in their simplest terms here, but the full document provides more-comprehensive detail and explanation on each. For now, here are the seven truths as compiled by Fluke Networks.

  1. Access points serve as hubs for 802.11.
  2. RF interference will wreak havoc on your network.
  3. Wireless clients are growing and evolving.
  4. BYO devices will be on the network.
  5. Security is not just for banks.
  6. WiFi is counterintuitive. (This truth attacks the myth that more access points is always better.)
  7. Proper design equals one installation.

You can view and download the infographic directly from Fluke Networks here.

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