5 things he won't miss about his laptop

Blogger takes a sarcastic look at what we'll lose when we all dump our laptops for smartphones.

by Patrick McLaughlin

Kudos to CommScope's Rick Aspan, whose recent blog post "Cutting the (Computer) Cord - A Smart(phone) Thing to Do?" sarcastically laments seven things we'll miss when we finally ditch our laptops and turn exclusively to smartphones for wireless computing.

Here's what Aspan - and maybe eventually the rest of us - will (not) miss when our laptops are things of the past.

  1. Shopping for a briefacase that will hold your laptop, cords and accessories and still have room for stuff that really belongs in a briefcase.
  2. Opening the laptop to catch up on some work while jammed into the cattle section of your favorite air carrier, then having the seatback in front of you slammed back into the precious few inches of space you had.
  3. Attending physical therapy for your shoulder from lugging your laptop, paperwork and reading material on a cross-town trek attending client meetings.
  4. The entire booting process. Love that wait!
  5. The special relationship you've built with your buddies at the IT help desk.

Wait ... I thought Aspan listed seven things we'll miss. He did, but you'll have to go to his blog entry here to find the other two. Plus, he would like you to comment on his blog post by listing one or two things you will (not) miss about your erstwhile computing device. Feel free to do so when you're there.

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