Report: Small cells to dominate 4G mobile network deployment

Jan. 26, 2011
"The good old days of 'Tower and Power' are ending," says Joe Madden, principal analyst at Mobile Experts LLC.

CAMPBELL, Calif. -- A new report released by Mobile Experts LLC predicts a 3000% rise in small-cell deployment for 4G mobile data networks.

"The good old days of 'Tower and Power' are ending," says Joe Madden, principal analyst at Mobile Experts. "Mobile data has moved indoors, and the network is moving indoors as a result. We will see dramatic growth in femtocells, picocells, and DAS networks, as well as ongoing strength in microcells and repeaters. Relays will also be entering the market, adding a new dimension to the HetNet."

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The report provides a broad overview of the market drivers which are pushing mobile operators toward new architectures, as well as technical analysis of the rationale for each equipment type.

"We have interviewed over 25 different mobile operators to understand the regional preferences of operators worldwide," explained Mr. Madden. "It's clear that mobile operators will continue to maintain control over most of their network assets. For example, we are now forecasting that in 2016 less than half of the small cells deployed will be owned by consumers."

The report also provides detailed and comprehensive analysis of: microcells; picocells; femtocells; indoor DAS; outdoor DAS; repeaters; relays; and satellite backhaul for mobile access nodes.

Forecast spreadsheets are also available with analysis of multiple segments, including: by frequency band; by air interface standard; by power level; by network architecture, Iuh and IMS/SIP vs. Iub; by architecture, multimode vs. singlemode; consumer vs. enterprise vs. mobile operator deployment; and by world region.

The report includes profiles on more than 30 semiconductor and small-cell suppliers. It can be found at

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