TE Connectivity launches remote indoor DAS units

Sept. 6, 2011
FlexWave Prism high power indoor remote DAS leverages existing coax cabling for expanded 3G / 4G mobile service delivery.

TE Connectivity announced today the FlexWave Prism IRU (Indoor Remote Unit), a new indoor version of its FlexWave Prism distributed antenna system (DAS) that brings mobile coverage and capacity to the subscriber in enterprises, college campuses, and urban/suburban macro networks. The company says the new FlexWave Prism IRU uses rack-mountable, indoor remote units and works with coax cable direct to service antennas, so it is ideal for passive indoor wireless system upgrades or venues that want to deploy a system quickly by leveraging existing cabling.

“FlexWave Prism IRU allows users to deploy our active DAS in new configurations to enable faster, lower-cost deployments, especially when existing coax cabling is present,” comments Chris Jurasek, vice president and general manager, Wireless and Services at TE. “This product greatly expands the applications for FlexWave Prism in venues around the world.”

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According to the company, the FlexWave Prism IRU offers the same key benefits as all FlexWave Prism products, including support for 2G/3G/4G services with SISO or MIMO implementations, digital simulcast, a 26db optical budget, digital fiber transport and with high power amplifiers. By using high power amplifiers, the Prism IRU solution requires fewer elements to provide comparable coverage relative to other like-architecture solutions in the market, says TE. The Remote Units are placed in wiring closets or outdoor huts or street furniture to make it easy and cost-effective to deploy in places where ceiling space is limited or where construction is time or cost prohibitive.

Further, says the company, the system offers other benefits including a lightweight, compact Prism Host Unit that supports up to eight services in just three rack units. FlexWave Prism IRU incorporates 100 Mbps in-band Ethernet for carrying surveillance camera traffic, alarming, WiFi access points, or other applications.

TE will feature FlexWave Prism IRU at the Mobile Broadband World conference in Berlin, Germany on September 12, 2011. TE Director of International Services, Morton Tolstrup, will speak on upgrading passive systems to support 3G and 4G services.

More Info:http://www.te.com/

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