30-watt 1-Gig PoE midspan goes outdoors

Sept. 8, 2011
Powering device from Microsemi can be used for IP cameras and wireless access points, supplying power and protecting from lightning strikes.

A Power over Ethernet (PoE) midspan device from Microsemi supports 1-Gbit/sec data transmission and delivers up to 30 Watts of power to network devices located outdoors. Paul Pickle, senior vice president of Microsemi's Integrated Circuit Group said, "We have now combined our proven surge-protection technology with an outdoor-rated enclosure to offer a complete, safe, end-to-end solution for high-power outdoor PoE installations." Devices such as wireless access points and Internet Protocol (IP)-based surveillance cameras located outdoors can now receive power via the PowerDsine PD-9001GO PoE midspan.

The device supports the IEEE 802.3at ("PoE Plus") standard at up to 1000-Mbit/sec data rates and is backward-compatible with 802.3af lower-power devices. The PD-9001 GO includes integrated surge protection for the alternating current (AC) and PoE (direct current) ports. Microsemi points out that this feature eliminates the need for companion surge protection units to prevent direct or nearby lightning strikes from damaging or destroying powered devices or a network switch.

PowerDsine midspan senior product line manager Sani Ronen said the new product "solves the power-deployment problem in outdoor locations where an electrical outlet is typically not available and equipment must be able to withstand lightning and extreme temperature and humidity conditions. These PowerDsine midspans provide a cost-effective solution for outdoor mesh wireless LAN access points that were previously difficult to power. They also are ideal for the fast-growing IP surveillance market, where they can be used to power security cameras that stream data back to the network over a wireless link from hard-to-reach outdoor locations."

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