Oberon access-point enclosures available through Jenne Distributors

Ohio-based distributor offers telephony, data, AV and security products from more than 150 manufacturers.

Jenne Distributors now carries Oberon Inc.'s enclosures for wireless access points and communications equipment. Jenne is an Avon, OH-based distributor of business telephony, data, audio and video conferencing, and security-technology products. Jenne carries products from more than 150 manufacturers in these fields.

In announcing the distribution agreement, Oberon pointed out that it is a Registered Cisco Developer, Aruba Networks-Certified, and an Extreme Networks Go Purple Solutions Partner. "In addition to thorough compatibility testing enclosures for a wide array of wireless equipment," Oberon said it "has designed enclosures to simplify the rigorous infection-control procedures of the healthcare sector and provide the physical security vital to government, education, retail and banking environments."

Oberon products can be located in suspended and hard-lid ceilings, on walls, and in outdoor/NEMA environments.

You can visit Oberon's enclosure selection guide here.

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