Corning's DAS boosts connectivity for Orlando hotels

Seven hotels, a convention center and a total of more than 1.7 million square feet of space have indoor wireless service through MobileAccess DAS.

Corning recently announced that its Corning MobileAccess business, which provides distributed antenna system (DAS) technology for indoor wireless connectivity, has provided DAS to seven hotels and a convention center in the Orlando, FL area. For years the Orlando-area Disney World resort has dubbed itself "the happiest place on Earth." With close to 5,000 hotel rooms and in excess of 1.7 million square feet of hospitality space covered by Corning MobileAccess DAS, some spots not far from Disney might claim to be the most connected places on Earth.

According to Corning, its systems can support multiple services, including 4G LTE MIMO, via a single infrastructure. Vice president of product management for MobileAccess, Jeff Kunst, explains that PCS carriers are the entities that made the investments for these systems in Orlando. Kunst described the carriers as "rising to the challenge" and said that MobileAccess is supporting these carriers' efforts at network improvement through its DAS technology.

Corning pointed out The Peabody Orlando in particular as one facility that benefits from the enhanced wireless coverage afforded by DAS. The four-star hotel's regional IT director Brian Seays says that a part of the property's mission is for guests to have wireless access that is as reliable inside as it is outside. He adds that the MobileAccess system eliminates dead spots and is good for staff as well as guests because it allows them to offer high levels of service and security.

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