Web seminar covers cabling and wireless for healthcare facilities

Standards, environmental issues and bandwidth requirements will be discussed.

A seminar hosted by Cabling Installation & Maintenance and delivered via the web will discuss standards and best practices for deploying cabling and wireless systems in healthcare facilities. The seminar will feature three presentations:

  • Wireless systems for healthcare environments
  • Bandwidth requirements and environmental realities of healthcare facilities
  • TIA-1179 - The healthcare cabling standard

The information will be delivered by Scott D. Thompson, engineering director and co-founder of Oberon Inc.; Charlie Bogolawski, director of technical sales, network solutions with Leviton; and Todd Harpel, director of marketing and product management with Berk-Tek.

The seminar will take place live at 1:00 EDT on Thursday, October 27, then will be available on-demand for six months after its live broadcast.

Describing the seminar, Cabling Installation & Maintenance stated, "Cultural, economic, demographic and other forces have pushed healthcare into the forefront of societal concerns. Our aging population’s healthcare needs will increase exponentially in years to come, at the same time that the methods used to both provide care and maintain records of that care make technological leaps in advancement. With healthcare established as a front-of-mind concern in our culture, and the means of providing that care growing ever-more technical in nature, the information systems used in all spheres of healthcare provision are paramount. This webcast examines the topic of healthcare from the standpoint of information-technology networks and structured cabling systems."

Individuals who attend the seminar in its entiretly are eligible to receive one continuing education credit toward BICSI's RCDD, Installer, Technician, RITP or Certified Trainer designations.

You can get more information on the seminar here or register for it here.

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