Application note details WiFi troubleshooting

Document includes step-by-step instructions to solve four toublesome WiFi scenarios.

An application note available from Fluke Networks provides step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting wireless LANs using the company's AirCheck WiFi tester.

The document includes specific detail on troubleshooting four WiFi network scenarios: 1) Unable to connect, 2) Network is slow, 3) Detecting general security risks, and 4) Finding unauthorized access points.

For each scenario, the application note guides the user through specific troubleshooting actions. For example, in the "unable-to-connect" scenario, users follow four steps to determine any issues with access points (look to see if network is available, check access-point configuration, exclude interference issues, and connect to the access point). Other alternatives to troubleshooting that scenario include addressing client issues or other networking issues.

The application note is available for free download. Fluke has offered the AirCheck WiFi tester since 2010.

Download the application note here.

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