Tyco Electronics to showcase DAS wireless connectivity at Mobile World Congress

Feb. 11, 2011
TE distributed antenna systems (DAS) platforms address outdoor, in-building, and near-building applications for LTE and other mobile services.

MINNEAPOLIS -- Tyco Electronics (TE) will showcase its portfolio of distributed antenna systems (DAS) at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, Spain, Feb. 14 - 17.

TE notes that as mobile operators seek to expand the capacity and reach of 4G networks around the world, DAS will be an important part of the solution. Verizon and other American service providers have already deployed 700 MHz MIMO DAS as part of their LTE rollouts. Plans are now in circulation for European, Asian, and Middle Eastern deployments and many of these systems could be in place before the end of the year, with European LTE user projections to exceed that of North America.

“DAS have always been considered a niche product for specific applications in buildings and macro network hole fill, but this is now changing as mobile operators are faced with the challenge of cost-effectively distributing LTE signals across large areas,” said Chris Kissel, industry analyst with In-Stat's Mobile Internet Group. “As a leading provider of DAS solutions, Tyco Electronics can play an important role in enabling mobile operators to roll out LTE services in major metropolitan areas while still supporting legacy services.”

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TE will display its comprehensive portfolio of DAS solutions in Hall 2, Stand 2B61 at the Congress including the following products:

InterReach Fusion – an in-building DAS solution that uses a single set of electronics, easy-to-deploy thin cabling, and multi-band distributed amplifiers;

FlexWave Prism – an outdoor DAS that allows mobile operators to extend outdoor coverage and efficiently allocate capacity through a system of compact, inexpensive multi-band remote antennas.

All TE DAS solutions support a range of services, including 700 and 800 MHz LTE, 2.6 GHz LTE, 3G and 2G, enabling them to expand network reach and capacity while supporting new as well as legacy services.

“TE DAS solutions are designed to extend 4G and other mobile services to places where they can’t normally reach, or where the cost of deploying them is prohibitive,” said Chris Jurasek, vice president of the Wireless and Services business unit of Tyco Electronics. “Our range of DAS solutions has enabled wireless services in communities and venues around the world, and we expect to play a key role in supporting LTE deployments this year and into the future.”

TE further notes that international operators are adopting DAS solutions as mainstream infrastructure because DAS is a more efficient and economical way to distribute LTE signals from centralized base stations. Unlike using hundreds or thousands of small base stations or radio heads, DAS allows for the distribution of high-capacity 3G and 4G services without the need for expensive configuration, management, and individual backhaul. Outdoor DAS solutions require lower capital costs than remote radio heads, and DAS solutions are also the greener choice in LTE infrastructure since they reduce cell site power consumption by up to 50 percent. Indoor DAS solutions bring strong coverage and capacity to every part of any building, providing clear and consistent mobile services to occupants.

More information on TE can be found at www.te.com.

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