Ventev, Aruba debut wireless LAN site survey kit

March 12, 2014
Ventev's new wireless products will be showcased at this week's Aruba Airheads Conference 2014 in Las Vegas.

At the Aruba Networks (NASDAQ: ARUN) Airheads Conference 2014 in Las Vegas (March 10-14), Ventev Wireless Infrastructure, a division of Tessco Technologies (NASDAQ: TESS), will showcase its latest products, most notably the new TerraWave Aruba Indoor AP Wireless LAN Site Survey Kit.

As an ArubaEdge Partner, TerraWave, one of Ventev Wireless Infrastructure’s three product lines, is known as a source for high density antenna, cabling, and enclosure solutions that speed the installation of wireless access systems for both indoor and outdoor applications. Working together, Aruba Networks and Ventev Wireless Infrastructure say they have simplified the process of deploying and securing Aruba Wi-Fi networks in any environment.

As debuted at Aruba's Airheads Conference, the new TerraWave Aruba Indoor AP Wireless LAN Site Survey Kit (Tessco No. 577128) helps to perform precise WiFi site surveys that eliminate deployment issues and allow for seamless network implementation of Aruba indoor access points (models AP 92, AP 104, AP 134, AP 224). Easy to transport, organize, and inventory, the company says the kit equips system engineers with all of the critical products needed to perform professional site surveys in most environments and industries.

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According to the companies, as a complete network design and implementation solution, the kit contains more than 20 products, including antennas for each of Aruba’s indoor access points. All of the kit's products are conveniently contained in a durable, airline-approved, wheeled case by Pelican Products, which features custom-cut foam inserts to protect and organize each item (outer dimensions: 32-1/2” x 22-7/8” x 18-7/8”).

Hosted by Aruba, the annual Airheads Conference is billed as "a leading enterprise mobility event for engineers by engineers" that brings together leading mobile and Wi-Fi experts, technology innovators, and industry analysts for discussion, training, and knowledge transfer. Other Ventev products on display at the Airheads Conference will include:

-- The TerraWave Ceiling Tile Enclosure for the Aruba AP 225 (Tessco No. 515512), which simplifies the installation of one of Aruba’s newest access points and provides a reliable and polished mounting solution.

-- The Ventev PoE Outdoor Enclosure System for the Aruba AP 134 (Tessco No. 565989), a fully integrated enclosure system that allows indoor access points to be deployed in outdoor environments.

-- The TerraWave Ceiling Tile Enclosure With Bubble for Indoor Access Points (Tessco No. 525675), which features an integrated white bubble that provides protection and offers an aesthetically pleasing design.

-- The TerraWave Horizontal Wall-Mount Enclosure (Tessco No. 525107), which provides optimal Wi-Fi coverage in high-ceiling structures.

-- The TerraWave Mirror Bubble Enclosure (Tessco No. 570787), which features a unique, reflective coating that can be utilized to view the immediate surroundings of a room. The related Clear Bubble Enclosure (Tessco No. 309656) and the White Bubble Enclosure (TESSCO No. 399884) will also be on display.

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Visit for more information on the Aruba-compatible solutions that Ventev Wireless Infrastructure will have on display at the Airheads Conference 2014.

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