Wireless connectors with reliable PIM performance

The 4.3-10 connector from Rosenberger was developed in cooperation with Huber and Suhner, Spinner and Telegartner.


Rosenberger recently announced availability of its 4.3-10 connector series for mobile-communications applications. “These 4.3-10 connectors were developed in cooperation by the renowned RF manufacturers Huber and Suhner, Rosenberger, Spinner and Telegartner,” Rosenberger said, “and are designed to meet the rising performance needs of mobile network equipment and the demand for ongoing space reductions simultaneously.

“The IEC standardization of the 4.3-10 connectors is in progress,” Rosenberger further explained. “The above manufacturers guarantee full intermateability of the connector series.”


The connectors are available with screw-on, hand-screw and quick-lock coupling mechanisms. All types can be mated independently of torque, Rosenberger noted, “resulting in excellent, reliable and constant passive intermodulation (PIM) and also limiting installation failures.” The company says other features of the connectors include very low PIM, excellent voltage standing wave radio (VSWR) values, and a high-density design that can save 40 percent of space compared to 7-16 connectors.

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