Telefónica taps CommScope subsidiary to optimize microwave wireless backhaul networks

Telefónica taps Comsearch as it seeks to optimize wireless network performance.

Telefónica taps CommScope subsidiary to optimize microwave wireless backhaul networks
Telefónica taps CommScope subsidiary to optimize microwave wireless backhaul networks

Global telecommunications operator Telefónica has chosen Comsearch, a CommScope company and an expert in wireless spectrum planning and analysis, to help the operator in optimizing its wireless networks through deployment of highly optimized microwave backhaul systems.

Telefónica will use the XG microwave backhaul planning tool from Comsearch to maximize investments in its wireless backhaul networks. Comsearch says its iQ.linkXG provides engineers with the right tools to design highly reliable networks, while making the most efficient use of available radio spectrum, a limited but critical resource in wireless networks. With comprehensive engineering algorithms and accurate, robust database management, planners can optimize the network using the smallest antennas at the lowest heights and with the lowest transmit power possible.

“Telefónica always chooses best-in-class solutions for its networks around the world, ensuring that our customers enjoy the best service levels possible,” said Juan Manuel Caro, director of Operations & OSS, Telefónica S.A. “With microwave networks getting more complex, tools like iQ.linkXG are mandatory for maximizing network resources and performance.”

Global telecom operators are challenged by an ever-increasing demand for capacity and the need to utilize limited spectrum resources. Backhaul -- where user traffic is routed from a cell site to the main network backbone -- is an often underappreciated, yet vital, portion of the network that can make a huge difference in the performance of a network, asserts Comsearch. Microwave antennas are the primary means of providing wireless backhaul. The iQ.linkXG software solution from Comsearch enables building a comprehensive database of microwave links to limit interference in congested areas and maximize spectrum use.

The software tool provides comprehensive support for modern radio technology such as adaptive modulation, helping operators achieve maximum throughput during clear sky conditions, while maintaining a robust, high-priority voice channel during periods of fading. iQ.linkXG helps planners avoid the high cost of over-engineering and correcting for the mistakes that can result from the use of inferior or improper planning tools, contends CommScope.

“CommScope is thrilled to expand its long-time relationship with Telefónica by offering this software solution to Telefónica’s offices worldwide,” concludes Ben Cardwell, senior vice president, Global Wireless Sales, CommScope. “Network design and optimization are so critical these days to ensuring that backhaul networks perform at the maximum level for supporting high speed communications.”

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