Hybrid copper-fiber plenum cable for DAS

Superior Essex’s latest offering comprises two discrete cables beneath a single overjacket, which the company says can be separated and routed individually.

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Superior Essex recently introduced the DAS Hybrid Cable, a plenum-rated cable that contains both fiber and copper media. The company explained, “The DAS Hybrid Cable consists of two discrete cables—one copper and one fiber—paired beneath an overjacket. This dual-cable design allows the hybrid cable to transmit communications while also providing power to DAS remote units. These cables are ideal for distributed antenna systems when the DAS remotes are powered from a centralized source.”

The company also said that several of the cable’s features facilitate efficiency during installation and deployment: “The two-in-one design allows power and fiber cables to be pulled simultaneously, saving time and labor by eliminating the need for two separate pulls. Unlike round hybrid cables with unjacketed copper and fiber, the discrete copper and fiber cables within the Superior Essex Hybrid cable can be easily separated and routed individually. Furthermore, the copper conductors utilize an intuitive black-and-red color scheme, which makes it easier to determine positive and negative connections.”

The cable is UL 13 CL2P plenum-rated, Superior Essex pointed out, which makes it eligible for installation throughout a building including in the air-carrying plenum space. The company also noted that some local building codes will allow this cable to be installed without being enclosed in a raceway or being armored, when it is installed as part of a National Electrical Code Class 2 power-limited system.

Kim Purdie, director of product management for wireless products with Superior Essex, commented, “The surge in DAS deployments places an increased demand on contractors to complete installations faster. The Superior Essex hybrid cable helps reduce the installation time by eliminating the need for two separate cable pulls.”

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