Right angle RF adapters support millimeter wave applications up to 50 GHz

Sept. 15, 2014
Right angle adapters are commonly used in tight mechanical spaces where the bend radius of a coaxial cable would be exceeded.

Fairview Microwave has expanded its family of high frequency right angle microwave and RF adapters to cover millimeter wave applications up to 50 GHz. The company says the new line of passivated stainless steel adapters offers design and test engineers added flexibility and interconnectivity options, particularly where mechanical space is limited.

Designed especially for use in the military and commercial sectors for communications and cellular applications, the new high frequency right angle RF adapters can be ordered in 'between-series' and 'in-series' configurations including 1.85mm (50 GHz), 2.4mm (50 GHz), 2.92mm (40 GHz), 3.5mm (34.5 GHz). Additional right angle adapter options from Fairview include SMA, BNC, TNC, N, 7/16, 10-32, LC, SC, MHV, SHV, QMA, UHF, and mini-UHF.

Right angle adapters are commonly used in tight mechanical spaces where the bend radius of a coaxial cable would be exceeded, notes the company. These adapters allow 90 degree turns in spaces too small to accommodate the bending of most coaxial cables, which also reduces too much strain on the cable in certain applications. Lastly, right angle adapters can provide more flexibility and efficiency when routing cables in a complex system; for example, cable lengths can be shortened with the use of right angle adapters.

Several versions of the new connectors offer a reverse polarity option. VSWR of these RA adapters is as low as 1.25:1 depending on the chosen style. Each of Fairview's new high frequency right angle adapters are constructed of passivated stainless steel bodies and coupling nuts with gold plated BeCu center contacts. Learn more about the products.

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