Plenum-rated low PIM cable assemblies for in-building DAS

June 9, 2014
New cable assemblies from RF Industries are available in standard 1 and 2 meter lengths as well as custom lengths.

RF Industries (NASDAQ: RFIL) now manufactures plenum-rated low PIM cable assemblies with 4.1/9.5 (Mini) DIN connectors for in-building distributed antenna systems (DAS) applications.

The company notes that its 4.1/9.5 (Mini) DIN connector interface is essentially a compact version of the 7/16 DIN with applications in DAS and wireless infrastructure. For the new cable assemblies, RF Industries' 4.1/9.5 (Mini) DIN male connectors are terminated them onto Times Microwave plenum-rated low PIM cables SPP-250-LLPL and TFT-402-LF.

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The SPP-250-LLPL is a ¼ inch super-flexible corrugated cable. The TFT-402-LF is an extremely flexible, flat braided, low minimum bend radius cable similar to semi-rigid .141 cable. Both cables meet UL910 fire requirements and exhibit low loss and low PIM [passive intermodulation] performance. The finished assemblies' PIM performance meets or exceeds minus 160 dBc, states RF.

Available from RF Connectors distributors throughout the US, Canada and Mexico, the new cable assemblies are available in standard 1 and 2 meter lengths as well as custom lengths. RF Industries attaches the connectors via soldering the center pin and induction soldering to the cable outer conductor, providing excellent VSWR performance and reliable PIM performance. The company notes that all finished cable assemblies are 100% final tested for electrical and PIM performance to assure every cable assembly meets the advertised specifications.

For additional information dial 800-233-1728 or 858-549-6340, or email [email protected].

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