Lemcon, iBwave tout wireless network designs deployed at 2014 FIFA World Cup

July 24, 2014
Preferred installation supplier for DAS services for the World Cup tapped iBwave's integrated indoor radio planning technology to provide high bandwidth connectivity inside stadiums.

iBwave, a specialist provider of in-building wireless software and training globally, announced that Lemcon Americas, the leading technology integrator in Latin America, successfully used its iBwave Design tool to design, deploy and manage high capacity wireless networks at the Amazônia, Baixada, Beira-Rio, Das Dunas, Fonte Nova and Pantanal stadiums in Brazil during the recent 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The companies note that, with the proliferation of smartphones and mobile devices, sports fans worldwide have now come to expect seamless and pervasive wireless communications inside stadiums, so that they can easily access real-time information, exchange photos and videos or share experiences via popular social media sites. Lemcon Americas, which is already well versed in the iBwave product suite, having used it extensively for various telecommunication projects over the past few years, leveraged its 3D modeling, propagation and optimization capabilities to increase network coverage and capacity in time for the qualifying matches.

Lemcon Americas is a company with 18 years of experience in the telecommunications and infrastructure market. The company provides all the necessary services for the planning, implementation and monitoring of wireless networks: It is part of the American group Blue Skies Network and carries out business throughout Latin America, with projects in over 10 countries, with Brazil as the biggest market presence and development.

“In order to fully engage the fans and create ultimate in-stadium experiences, robust DAS and Wi-Fi systems that can satisfy the heavy voice and data consumption needs around the stadiums and the surrounding areas, are a definite requirement. That meant that there was absolutely no room for failure” says Alexandre Tude, vice president, Latin America at Lemcon Americas. “On the field as in behind the scenes, success depends largely on collaboration by all the players. Through the iBwave software solution, we were able to run simulations that took into account inclined surfaces as well as stadium’s sizes and configurations, model RF propagation patterns, perform capacity dimensioning, planning per sector and interference analysis in order to reach the maximum achievable data rate, determining the best locations for antennas.”

Hewing to global in-building wireless standards, iBwave notes that it serves nearly 600 leading telecommunication firms in 83 countries worldwide. The company says its flagship software suite empowers operators, system integrators and OEMs to provide optimum network coverage and capacity inside buildings, where 80 percent of all wireless traffic occurs, while also boosting efficiency and productivity through the in-building project value chain. iBwave notes that it also offers quality hands-on training and certification programs, instilling awareness and proficiency in in-building wireless network design.

“No matter how well prepared you are, it is always difficult to predict mobile consumer needs in high density environments – particularly for sporting events of this magnitude where thousands of users are simultaneously trying to access the Wi-Fi network,” says Juan Felipe Gonzalez, senior vice president of global sales at iBwave. “Our tools were already used as part of the Confederations Cup indoor network testing last year and proved adequate to the challenge. We are proud that Lemcon Americas continues to trust our products to properly dimension their data networks, ensure greater service and increase revenue generated by operators.”

For more information visit www.lemcon-americas.com and www.ibwave.com.

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