Essential considerations for 802.11ac Wi-Fi

April 30, 2014
New white paper from AirTight Networks examines.

AirTight Networks recently released a technical white paper entitled 802.11ac: Essential Considerations.

With section headings including such salient questions as Do you need 802.11ac? and How do you deploy 802.11ac?, the paper encapsulates 802.11ac's most notable features, offers guidance to those who may be considering upgrading to 11ac, discusses deployment considerations, and provides an overview of AirTight Networks’ first 802.11ac access point, the C-75.

"Before deploying 11ac there are a number of items that should be considered as 'must haves' such as Cat-5e (or better) cables and 10 GigE uplink ports on edge switches," notes AirTight Networks. "Other factors, such as planning for higher density AP coverage, should be considered as well, particularly if 11ac networks are to be designed to extract peak performance from this new technology."

802.11ac use cases for a hospitality industry exhibition room, a classroom video application, and a quick-service restaurant are also presented in the analysis.

View/Download the white paper.

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