DC power system drives small cell 4G/LTE telecom applications

May 28, 2014
Eltek says its Chameleon DC power system's easily-installed, small-footprint rectifiers blend in when mounted on utility poles, street lights or buildings.

Eltek (Drammen, Norway) announced the launch of its Chameleon family of DC power systems, designed to support the new generation of small cell wireless telecom base stations.

The company contends that its Chameleon rectifiers, developed specifically for powering small cells, provide quick, easy plug-and-play installation, with a small footprint and a discreet exterior design that permits mounting on existing poles or buildings, and blends well in a city environment. In addition, Eltek notes that these low-cost base stations can help to extend wireless service to remote areas. Telecom carriers will install millions of small cells during the coming years to meet the exponential growth in demand for mobile data capacity in high-density and rural areas, points out the company.

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The first product to be launched is the Chameleon 48/650, which is a 48V, 650W stand-alone rectifier with an AC-to-DC conversion efficiency of 95.5 percent. The highly reliable rectifier is ideal for lamppost applications thanks to its compact 321 mm x 106 mm x 96 mm IP65-rated housing. The small size of the Chameleon 48/650 contrasts with current small cell DC power systems that fit in standard telecom racks, meaning that carriers have to find a place to install a cabinet near the small cell.

The Chameleon 48/650 is offered with optional 20 ms or 200 ms hold-up time, to balance output availability and cost against electricity grid stability. These hold-up times are sufficient for the majority of the blackouts in modern electricity grids, claims. The Chameleon 48/650 is convection cooled and the heat sink is an integral part of the protective IP65 housing.

“We have developed a high-efficiency power solution dedicated to small cell applications with performance that stands out, and a look that blends in,” comments Morten Schøyen, chief marketing officer at Eltek. “Eltek is making a serious effort to address challenges from purchasing, logistics, installation and operations to minimize the total cost of ownership for operators rolling out 4G/LTE networks.”

The Chameleon 48/650 is now available for trials and will be generally available in June 2014 via Eltek’s direct sales force. A higher-power model with battery back up is planned for launch in the fourth quarter of 2014. For more information, visit www.eltek.com.

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