Analyzing the network impact of 802.11ac Wi-Fi

Aerohive Networks white paper examines.

A new white paper from Aerohive Networks is entitled The Network Impact of 802.11ac: Understanding Network Design Considerations for High-Speed Wi-Fi in a Mobile-First Network. The paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of two approaches for efficient WLAN design incorporating 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology.

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"Before integrating 802.11ac into your wireless network, you must have clear network design objectives and a plan for incorporating high-speed technology, like 802.11ac, without creating additional expense or complication," states the paper's executive summary.

The summary continues, "Managing a network for your company is a complex proposition. Managing a mobile-first community of users is exponentially more complex. Forward-thinking organizations are implementing wireless access networks that automate security and quality of service policy decisions to personalize access based on a users’ context. A network that automatically personalizes wireless service vastly simplifies the task of optimizing a mobile workforce."

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