Ventev issues full deployment kit for GE's multi-network wireless communications platform

May 1, 2014
Ventev Wireless Infrastructure has released its GE MDS Orbit deployment kit.

Ventev Wireless Infrastructure, a division of Tessco Technologies (NASDAQ: TESS), has introduced a factory-direct deployment kit that includes all of the components needed to deploy, power, and protect the GE MDS Orbit platform, allowing industrial SCADA, wireless backhaul, and broadband communications users to quickly deploy the Orbit multi-network communications device and virtually eliminate installation errors.

The MDS Orbit platform is GE’s next-generation wireless communications solution that integrates cellular, private, licensed and unlicensed networks in one device, delivering secure communication between field crews and industrial equipment, and bringing valuable asset and operational data from the field to the operations center.

Ventev’s deployment kit contains fully integrated, plug-and-play enclosures, batteries, cabling, mounts, antennas for the public cellular networks, lightning arrestors, grounding protection, and weatherproofing components. The deployment kit can be ordered in three variations: LTE and Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi only, or LTE only. For convenience, the MDS Orbit platform can be purchased through Tessco Technologies, and factory-installed into the deployment kit prior to delivery.

“The most significant benefit of the pre-configured Ventev deployment kit is that all components work together and almost all are fully integrated into the enclosure, ensuring that minimal assembly is required,” explains Jeff Lime, vice president of Ventev Wireless Infrastructure. “This helps to reduce issues in the field and allows for faster deployments. Customers order just one part number and all the necessary components to deploy, power, and protect the GE MDS Orbit arrive at once.”

Ventev says the kits are especially geared toward the utilities, oil and gas, transportation and mining industries. Visit for more information about the Ventev deployment kits and to browse all products surrounding the GE MDS Orbit platform.

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