Small cell interface panel routes RF signals to DAS equipment

New from Westell Technologies.

Westell Technologies (NASDAQ: WSTL), a specialist in intelligent site management, in-building wireless, cell site optimization, and outside plant platforms, has announced the immediate availability of the Westell small cell interface panel. The product joins the company's suite of distributed antenna system (DAS) interface panels to provide a full range of options for distributed and small cell networks.

Westell says its small cell interface panel is designed to ensure the safe delivery of RF signals from a low powered small cell to downstream DAS equipment. The interface panel, which covers the upper and lower 700 MHz band, is located between the small cell equipment and the DAS head end. Both transmit and receive power levels are monitored and adjusted without disconnecting from the up and downstream equipment, enabling the network to be always available. The interface panel can be used to support traditional single input single output (SISO) applications, multiple input multiple output (MIMO) applications, and other variations as needed.

“With the dramatic increase in data usage on mobile devices, service providers and more recently building owners need the ability to improve wireless signals in concentrated areas, such as stadiums convention centers, and college campuses,” explains Ben Stump, senior vice president and CTO of Westell. “The new small cell interface panel from Westell can be implemented in conjunction with a DAS to offload macro networks and ensure safe power distribution throughout the system, ultimately providing superior in-building network performance.”

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