RiT Technologies takes first order for indoor optical wireless system in China

Feb. 5, 2014
Five of RiT's Beamcaster systems will be deployed on-premises at a beta site facility in Shenzhen, marking the company's first penetration of the Chinese market.

RiT Technologies (NYSE: RITT) says it has received the first order for Beamcaster, its new indoor optical wireless technology that provides a low-cost alternative to structured cabling in an enterprise environment. The order comes from a leading software and IT company in Shenzhen, China.

The initial order to purchase five Beamcaster systems, which will be deployed on-premises at a beta site facility, marks RiT’s penetration of the Chinese market and will be used to officially launch a new sales and marketing effort focused on the Chinese market, the company says. RiT Technologies describes Beamcaster as an indoor wireless optical communications system that combines Wi-Fi’s ease of use with the strengths of cabling to deliver ultra-flexible, high performance networking. The system can be shared by up to eight smart outlets, each receiving the maximum capacity allocated and available at any point in time.

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The device uses secure physical links and reinforces security via hard connections between smart outlets and computers and, because it runs over existing power trays, Beamcaster is quick and easy to install, the company claims. The lightweight optical distributor unit attaches via a single link to the main switch, and the system’s smart outlets are designed for quick and flexible setup with multiple users.

Beamcaster also delivers long- and short-term savings by slashing the need for new in-wall cabling installation and reducing the number of switches required – all while lowering power consumption, according to RiT. As an intelligent non-patching solution, Beamcaster is a modular and scalable system that allows all moves, adds, and changes to be performed remotely via a management system, without altering existing infrastructure, therefore keeping maintenance costs down.

“We are extremely excited to introduce Beamcaster into China and penetrate a new market,” says Motti Hania, RiT’s president and CEO. “There is a tremendous opportunity in the region for a flexible ultra-high bandwidth networking alternative that is secure and more cost-effective than structured cabling.”

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