Web seminar explains 802.11ac’s impact on structured cabling

Siemon’s Valerie Maguire will go in-depth on what the Very High Throughput WiFi spec will mean for cabling infrastructure.

On Thursday, March 6 Siemon will host a live web seminar focusing on the impact the latest WiFi standard will have on structured cabling systems. “IEEE 802.11ac 5-GHz Wireless Update and Structured Cabling Implications” will be delivered by Siemon’s Valerie Maguire.

“Offering users the potential to double their current wireless speeds, the new 802.11ac standard has far-reaching implications with respect to cabling infrastructure design,” Siemon said when announcing the seminar. “With the introduction of 256 quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM), which allows more bits to be encoded in a single symbol, an eventual 160-MHz channel bandwidth and a maximum of eight spatial streams, 802.11ac will immediately support gigabit WiFi with the potential to theoretically deliver 6.93-Gbit/sec wireless data rates in the future. For the first time, the specification of high-performance copper cabling supporting access-layer switches and uplink connections will be critical to achieving multi-gigabit throughput and fully supporting the power and capacity of these next-generation wireless access points.”

David Wall, global integrated marketing manager at Siemon, added, “We are excited to yet again continue our complimentary webinar series with this engaging webinar on the latest wireless standard—with all applicable terminology explained and clearly presented for a wide range of technical and non-technical audiences. As part of Siemon’s commitment to keeping industry professionals and their customers informed, this educational webinar will answer all of your questions concerning emerging 802.11ac technology trends, products and capabilities. The webinar will also provide a Q-and-A portion for participants to interact with our expert presenter, Valerie Maguire, to get the answers they need surrounding this latest wireless technology.”

Those registering for the seminar will gain first access to a Siemon-authored white paper of the same name. Like other Siemon webinars, this one will be archived for participants to view on-demand.

You can register for the seminar here.

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