Corning’s traveling seminar focuses on profiting from the Internet of Things

Feb. 28, 2014
Seminar aimed at trades working in the commercial building industry will tour 14 U.S. cites from March through May and emphasize the value of all-optical networks.

Corning is offering a free one-day seminar aimed at professionals working within the commercial real-estate realm, and exploring the means by which those trades can capitalize on the “Internet of Things.” The seminar, titled “How to Profit from Forward-Looking Strategies,” begins March 11 in Washington D.C. and wraps up May 29 in Irvine, CA. In all it will visit 14 U.S. cities.

Corning describes the seminar—and its importance—as follows: “By 2015 there will be 6 billion things connected to the Internet. How will the commercial building industry best meet this challenge? It’s no secret that the explosion of mobile devices is driving exponential data demand in this all-digital, all-wireless world. It is therefore critical that building owners and developers understand that IT network infrastructures must be capable of supporting the cutting-edge wireless services of today, but also be ready to handle emerging data-heavy wireless applications.”

The company further explains the seminar is intended for the commercial real-estate development industry, including executives in areas such as development, construction, technology and property management.

Corning further describes the seminar: “Led by Bob Butchko, a recognized expert in the field and a national business-development executive with RF Connect LLC, this seminar will help attendees understand the impact of the ‘Internet of Things’ and how this reality permeates everything we do. He will show how converged IT building services such as security, AV, WiFi and cellular enhancements no longer need to be on separate networks. Finally, he will make the case that all optical converged systems are the best way to supply virtually unlimited bandwidth to meet all the digital/wireless service needs of enterprises now and into the future.”

Here is the traveling seminar’s schedule.

  • Washington D.C. – March 11
  • Boston – April 8
  • New York City – April 9
  • Atlanta – April 15
  • Dallas – April 29
  • Houston – April 30
  • Austin – May 1
  • Chicago – May 12
  • St. Louis – May 13
  • Nashville – May 14
  • Phoenix – May 15
  • Las Vegas – May 27
  • San Francisco – May 28
  • Irvine – May 29

You can register to attend the seminar here.

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