CSC distributing Corning's MobileAccess DAS to healthcare facilities

Solution portfolio includes MobileAccess VE, which allows healthcare facilities to leverage existing network cabling infrastructure.

WESCO International recently announced that its operating subsidiary, Communications Supply Corporation (CSC), has entered into an agreement through which it now distributes Corning MobileAccess's full line of distributed antenna systems (DAS) to healthcare facilities.

When announcing the agreement, WESCO commented, "Effective wireless applications, particularly on smartphones and tablets, are instrumental for healthcare facilities as they seek to improve information flow, patient care, satisfaction and overall operational efficiency ... WESCO has teamed up with Corning MobileAccess to help leading healthcare providers significantly reduce dropped calls indoors and to increase data-speed transmission rates to smartphones and portable devices."

The announcement specifically pointed out the MobileAccess VE product line, which "allows healthcare facilities to leverage their existing network cabling infrastructure to transport cellular services without impacting the performance of the local area network," it said. "This minimizes disruption during installation and delivers seamless coverage to the building's employees, patients and guests."

David Bemoras, group vice president of WESCO and business leader for communications and security product offerings, said, "WESCO's primary focus is offering customers a broad portfolio of high-quality solutions and providing best-in-class service. Our expanding healthcare offering and relationship with Corning MobileAccess solutions is notable. Together, we provide an outstanding combination of leading product and service solutions to leading healthcare institutions across the nation."

Darlene Braunschweig, senior vice president of global sales for Corning MobileAccess, added, "With WESCO distributing our solutions, we enhance our ability to serve healthcare facilities across the country. In turn, WESCO expands its in-building cellular offerings by carrying and supporting our industry-leading solutions."

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