Radiating coaxial cable specified at Heathrow Airport

Aug. 17, 2012
More than 150,000 feet of Trilogy Communications' AirCell Radiating Cable serve public-safety, commercial mobile-phone and internal-security communications at the airport.

Trilogy Communications recently announced that its AirCell Radiating Cable has been specified for use, and more than 150,000 feet of the cable has been installed, in London's Heathrow Airport. Trilogy says the cable has been deployed in Terminal 5 and Terminal 2.

At Heathrow, the cable is being used for public-safety signals, internal security communications, commercial mobile-phone use, and 3G networks as well as other applications.

The AirCell Radiating Cable has an air dielectric, which Trilogy says is a unique characteristic. It incorporates a fully bonded design that prevents water migration and enhances durability, Trilogy adds.

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