Analyst rankings put Corning MobileAccess atop DAS market

Aug. 15, 2012
ABI Research says CommScope and TE Connectivity still dominate the market, but Corning MobileAccess has a winning implementation/innovation combo, including a Cat 5-based DAS for small enterprises.

As part of a competitive-assessment report, ABI Research ranked Corning MobileAccess number one in its latest distributed antenna system (DAS) equipment-vendor matrix. The report examines vendors of in-building wireless coverage systems. The matrix approach that ABI uses to rank equipment vendors evaluates companies with respect to innovation and implementation.

CommScope and TE Connectivity claim overall second and third place in the matrix, respectively. Corning MobileAccess ranked in the top three on both the innovation and implementation axes. It ranked tops on the innovation scale, followed by "next-generation vendors," as ABI practice director for mobile networks Aditya Kaul called them, Zinwave and Alvarion. The top three companies on the implementation axis were CommScope, Corning MobileAccess and TE Connectivity.

Kaul commented, "While traditional incumbents like CommScope and TE Connectivity still dominate the DAS market due to their size and footprint, it is emerging vendors like Corning MobileAccess who are grabbing market share on back of their technology innovation in areas like single-cable MIMO support, DAS optimization, and their unique Cat 5-based DAS solution for small enterprises.

"The next generation of vendors like Zinwave, Alvarion, SOLiD Technologies and Optiway are the ones to watch out for as they each bring unique DAS innovations that push the limits on cost, flexibility and scalability, especially when it comes to supporting multiple technologies and multiple operators on fewer infrastructure elements."

Kaul added, "The DAS market has seen major consolidation in the last few years, and as these fresh, small innovative vendors emerge onto the scene, it won't be surprising if some of the large traditional base-station vendors like Ericsson or Huawei make acquisitions, and establish a presence of DAS equipment in the indoor-coverage market, which is a hotbed of activity right now."

You can find more information on this competitive-assessment report from ABI here.

You may also be interested in this article:Questions and Answers With a DAS Expert- an interview with Allen Dixon, Corning MobileAccess's national channel development manager who serves as chair of The DAS Forum.

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