Aruba Networks intros wall-mountable wireless access point for multi-tenant environments

Jan. 12, 2012
Aruba AP-93H provides deployment flexibility and may lower cabling and installation costs for university dormitories, school classrooms, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Aruba Networks (NASDAQ: ARUN) has announced the availability of the AP-93H, an indoor 802.11n access point (AP) that provides secure wired and wireless network connectivity in school and university dormitories, school classrooms, hotels, hospitals and other multitenant environments. The AP-93H attaches securely to any standard network wall plate, where it provides both wired and wireless network access at data rates up to 300 Mbps, according to Aruba.

Aruba contends that most currently-available wall-plate APs lack enterprise-grade capabilities and the granular, context-awareness that prevents any single application, device or user from devouring bandwidth at the expense of others. Working with centralized Aruba Mobility Controllers, the AP-93H is designed to deliver secure, high-speed network services that move users to a "wireless where possible, wired where necessary" network access model. The network can then be rightsized by eliminating unused Ethernet switch ports, which reduces operating costs. The AP-93H supports Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) and spectrum analysis to maximize client performance and mitigate RF interference.

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The AP-93H features a 2x2 MIMO, 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz dual-band radio with integrated antennas, four 10/100BASE-T Ethernet switch ports, an additional pass-through RJ-45 Ethernet port and a 10/100/1000BASE-T uplink port. The device can operate from a standard 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) source or a 12-volt DC power supply.

"We will use the AP-93H for most if not all of our future residential deployments," commented Ben Price, director, residential information systems for the University of California, Santa Barbara, which has deployed Aruba 802.11n access points throughout its residential properties on- and off-campus. "Like all of our Aruba access points, the AP-93H will securely connect a wide range of wired and wireless devices simultaneously, can be installed in minutes and has the intelligence to prioritize traffic based on a user's identity, device, application and location."

The AP-93H is available now; pricing starts at $495.

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