High-capacity 2.5-Gbps free-space optical wireless systems

Sept. 6, 2012
Ultra-capacity single-link wireless platforms from fSONA Systems target enterprises, service providers.

fSONA Systems has introduced two new free-space optical (FSO) wireless systems capable of transmitting up to 2.5 Gbps (2xGigabit Ethernet or OC-48/STM-16) of full-duplex bandwidth. The company claims that the SONAbeam 2500-E and SONAbeam 2500-Z are the highest-capacity single-link products on the market today. The new systems are aimed at enterprises that need high-capacity connections between offices, but are also options for service providers who want to offer high-capacity services to enterprise customers.

"Our customers have told us they require more bandwidth for certain applications, but they prefer a single-link solution – other 2.5 Gbps wireless solutions pair two systems together at added expense," said fSONA's CEO, Andrew Grieve. "The SONAbeam 2500-E and 2500-Z both offer the highest-capacity wireless connection in an economical, single-link solution, making them ideal for connecting satellite or campus office buildings or for service providers who need to bridge the last mile."

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The SONAbeam 2500-E typically operates at distances up to 1 km, and the SONAbeam 2500-Z up to 350 m. Both systems use a pair of Gigabit Ethernet interface ports to provide 2.5 Gbps, full-duplex links via an indoor multiplexer. The company points out that FSO systems such as SONAbeam eliminate the costs of digging up streets and sidewalks required to install fiber while also avoiding recurring costs. Unlike other wireless options, the SONAbeam is immune to electro-magnetic (EM) and radio-frequency (RF) interference, which means no licensing is required.

fSONA’s products operate at a wavelength of 1550 nm, which provides a broad spectrum of safety and performance advantages, the company adds. As a result, the SONAbeam's high-powered laser transmitters are able to penetrate heavy rain, snow, and fog more effectively and consistently than other types of FSO technology, fSONA asserts.

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