RiT developing indoor optical wireless system to replace cabling

Company says the Indoor Wireless Optical Network is not just an overlay and can replace cabling, switches for all-wireless communication.

RiT Technologies has announced it is in the late stages of developing a high-speed indoor optical wireless system that the company says “will replace cumbersome network cables and switches with state-of-the-art symmetrical, bidirectional optical links.”

The Indoor Wireless Optical Network (IWON) product family is a patent-pending technology that RiT expects to bring to market by mid-next year. RiT says the system “will enable companies to achieve their high-speed, high-bandwidth network needs via symmetrical, bidirectional optical links, eliminating the need for today’s cumbersome cabling networks and switching panels. The use of IWON’s robust, high-performance optical connections will slash the time and effort required to install network infrastructure while significantly enhancing network performance, flexibility and security.”

The company’s chief executive officer Vadim Leiderman noted that IWON “will be suitable for every network, large or small, existing or new.” Exact detail about the system, including its multiple security layers, will be made available later this year. But RiT did say that IWON will offer intelligent infrastructure management (IIM) capabilities “enabling the system’s physical and logical network topology and devices to be automatically detected and comprehensively mapped,” and the system also will integrate with RiT’s CenterMind DCIM system.

The company says that its acquisition of technology from Quartz Ltd., approved by shareholders in July 2012, provided RiT with exclusive ownership of the technology behind IWON. “We have been working at an accelerated pace to bring these groundbreaking new technologies and products to market as quickly as possible,” said RiT’s chief technology officer Erez Ben Ehsay. “We are excited to enter the final stage of the effort and look forward to an on-time launch in the second quarter of next year.”

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