Xirrus launches WiFi APs, enclosures for outdoor, harsh indoor environments

April 23, 2012
The company has expanded its XR-Series Wireless Array product line to meet growing demand for wireless service in outdoor or other harsh environments.

Xirrus has expanded its XR-Series Wireless Array product line to meet growing demand for wireless service in outdoor or other harsh environments. The company's new XR-1000H Array, together with outdoor enclosures for its entire family of XR Array products, deliver options for providing wireless access in harsh environments including outdoor public areas, stadiums, manufacturing facilities, industrial worksites, warehouses, and distribution centers.

“Ensuring reliable wireless access, anytime, anywhere is an increasingly critical requirement for all types of organizations – from venue operators, to educational campuses, to enterprises of all sizes,” comments Bruce Miller, VP of product marketing for Xirrus. “The number of iPads, smart devices, and the amount of traffic they are putting on wireless networks is exploding. The introduction of our hardened XR-1000H Wireless Array extends Xirrus’ high performance wireless solution for organizations needing to deploy dependable wireless access across all types of environments, including dealing with the most challenging outdoor conditions.”

The XR-1000H Array is populated with dual 802.11n 3x3 modular access points APs operating at up to 450 Mbps and utilizes an integrated controller for autonomous operation. The XR-1000H is ruggedized for use in variable environments ranging in temperatures from -40 to +65 degrees Centigrade with an IP67-rated enclosure that is fully sealed against water and dust. A variety of external antennas are available to create different coverage patterns and point-to-point wireless links.

Further, Xirrus says its new XR-Series Outdoor Enclosures enable the entire range of XR Wireless Arrays -- supporting from 2 to 16 modular APs -- to be operated in challenging environmental conditions to support high-density applications. The outdoor enclosures enable deployment of high performance wireless for applications in sporting venues, conference facilities, transportation hubs and other locations with high volumes of iPads and other smart handheld devices.

"The market for enterprise-grade outdoor access points is projected to exceed $200 million in 2012 and is one of the key growth segments of the WLAN market," notes Rohit Mehra, director of enterprise communications infrastructure at IDC. "The demand for robust and rugged wireless solutions capable of low-maintenance deployment and comprehensive coverage in exposed environments is on the rise, and this announcement shows Xirrus' ability to adapt to changing market dynamics."

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