Potential use cases for 802.11ac, 802.11ad Wi-Fi explored

WildPackets video clip defines emerging 11ac and 11ad Wi-Fi standards.

A short Youtube video from WildPackets, a provider of network monitoring, analysis, and troubleshooting platforms, presents potential use cases for emerging 802.11ac and 802.11ad WLAN infrastructure standards. A recent entry at the WildPackets' Blog succinctly delineates the essence of the new standards:

"802.11ac is in many ways a 'lessons learned' from 802.11n, addressing issues like power consumption while still offering even higher data rates. 802.11ad will expand data rates even further and take advantage of a new spectrum and new technologies, which will enable entirely new use cases for 802.11. As users become more dependent on Wi-Fi, these two protocols will build on the success of 802.11 wireless at home and in the office."

Excerpted from a full webcast by WildPackets, the video clip further defines both the 11ac and 11ad standards, while looking at potential use cases for each.

Watch the video here.

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