Fluke Networks acquiring wi-fi test firm AirMagnet

August 13, 2009 -- AirMagnet has emphasized the importance of comprehensive analysis and testing when deploying 802.11n networks.

August 13, 2009 -- Fluke Networks announced today it will acquire wi-fi testing firm AirMagnet in a deal the company expects to close within weeks. Fluke Networks is not releasing financial terms of the deal.

AirMagnet offers performance-management and troubleshooting tools including AirMagnet Wi-Fi Analyzer, Survey, Spectrum Analyzer, and Planner; as well as AirMedic.

Representatives from both Fluke Networks and AirMagnet were quoted in this article discussing the testing of 802.11-based networks. The article focuses specifically on 802.11n as a game-changer in wireless LAN analysis and testing. In it, AirMagnet's director of product management Wade Williamson said, "You don't know just by walking around passively or looking at a building map what your performance is going to look like. A lot of that plays out between the capability of the client and the 11n access point. Users can have a significant variance in terms of what the performance might be; it could be anywhere from sub-30 [Mbits/sec] to the high hundreds."

When announcing the planned acquisition, Fluke Networks president David Coffin said, "Together, we expect that the solutions from Fluke Networks and AirMagnet will provide the end-to-end network visibility network engineers need and the actionable information required to deploy, secure, manage, analyze and troubleshoot their networks, independent of media type."

AirMagnet's president Dean T. Au added, "Fluke Networks is a top innovator and recognized leader in Ethernet LAN analysis and their solutions are known worldwide for delivering deep insight into LAN performance, security, and optimization. The power of a combined Fluke Networks and AirMagnet should help us fulfill more quickly the growth opportunities and product and technology roadmaps to better serve our customers' evolving needs."

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