WiFi interference myths tackled

White paper from Cisco Systems details commonly held but incorrect beliefs about 802.11 interferers.

A white paper from Cisco Systems takes aim at 20 myths about interference in 802.11-based wireless LAN systems. The paper, entitled "20 Myths of WiFi Interference: Dispel Myths to Gain High-Performing and Reliable Wireless," addresses some of the issues that Fluke Networks' Carolyn Carter will also cover in an article in Cabling Installation & Maintenance's November issue. Cisco's paper and Carter's article touch on the following.

  • Interference can come from more than just other 802.11 network
  • Pre-deployment RF sweeps detect all interference sources
  • Interference's impact on a wireless LAN can be significant

Cisco's paper tackles several other issues as well, in a format that briefly states the commonly held myth then goes into detail refuting it. Among the myths addressed in the paper:

  • My network seems to be working, so interference must not be a problem.
  • I can overcome interference by having a high density of access points.
  • There is no interference at 5 GHz.
  • Interference is not a security risk.

The white paper, as well as Carter's upcoming article, impress upon the reader that RF analysis tools are necessary for complete interference detection.

Download the white paper directly from Cisco Systems.

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